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Obstacle Course Rentals in Mansfield: A Comprehensive Guide with Texas Jumps

Are you planning an event in Mansfield, TX, and looking for an engaging, fun, and physically active form of entertainment? Look no further than Texas Jumps, your premier destination for obstacle course rentals and inflatable party rental services. Offering a wide variety of courses, Texas Jumps caters to all ages, making it the perfect addition to school fun days, corporate team-building events, community festivals, and private parties. Let's dive into what makes obstacle course rentals in Mansfield a must-have for your next event.

Why Choose Obstacle Course Rentals?

  • Versatile Fun: Suitable for both kids and adults, providing entertainment that keeps everyone engaged.
  • Team Building: Encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving among participants.
  • Physical Activity: A great way to promote fitness and healthy competition in a fun environment.

Selecting the Perfect Obstacle Course

When choosing an obstacle course for your Mansfield event, consider the following factors to ensure you pick the right one:

  • Event Size and Age Group: Texas Jumps offers courses that cater to different age groups and event sizes, ensuring a suitable challenge for all participants, including a variety of inflatable rentals for every occasion.
  • Space Requirements: Make sure your venue has enough space for the obstacle course setup, including any safety zones around the equipment and any additional bounce house rental setups.
  • Theme and Purpose: Whether it's for fun, competition, or team-building, select a course, such as an inflatable obstacle course, that aligns with your event's theme and goals.

Featured Obstacle Courses from Texas Jumps

Texas Jumps boasts an impressive selection of obstacle courses, each designed to provide a unique and challenging experience:

  • Radical Run Rock Climb and Slide: Perfect for adrenaline seekers, this course combines climbing challenges with an exhilarating slide finish.
  • Toxic Challenge Obstacle Course: Offers a thrilling adventure through toxic-themed barriers, obstacles, and optional additions like a climbing wall or water slide for an extra challenge.
  • Xtreme Radical Run Obstacle Course: The ultimate challenge for those looking to test their limits across a variety of obstacles.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety is paramount at Texas Jumps. All obstacle courses, including our durable inflatable obstacle courses, are made from high-quality materials and are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure a safe environment for all users. Additionally, Texas Jumps provides clear safety guidelines and recommendations for supervisors to ensure a fun and accident-free experience.

Hassle-Free Rental Experience

Texas Jumps is committed to providing a seamless rental experience from start to finish:

  • Professional Delivery and Setup: Our team takes care of the heavy lifting, ensuring the obstacle course is safely and correctly set up.
  • Flexible Rental Periods: Offering up to 6 hours of rental time, with options for overnight rentals and second-day discounts.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions and help you select the perfect obstacle course for your event.


Making Your Event a Success

To maximize the enjoyment and success of your obstacle course rental in Mansfield, consider these tips:

  • Supervision: Always have adults supervising the course to monitor safety and manage the flow of participants.
  • Participant Preparation for engaging in activities such as inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses.: Encourage participants to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for physical activity, including gear suitable for inflatable obstacle courses.
  • Hydration: Provide water stations near the course, especially during warm weather, to keep participants hydrated, a crucial addition to events featuring inflatable rentals and water slides.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Mansfield Event with Texas Jumps

Obstacle course rentals, including inflatable obstacle courses, offer an unparalleled blend of fun, challenge, and physical activity, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of events in Mansfield, TX, and the Fort Worth area. With Texas Jumps, you're guaranteed high-quality equipment, exceptional service, and an unforgettable experience for your guests, including the best in bounce house rentals and inflatable obstacle courses. Ready to take your event to the next level with our party rental offerings, including bounce houses and water slides? Contact Texas Jumps today and let us help you create an engaging and memorable event that everyone will talk about.

Remember, whether it's building teamwork, enhancing physical fitness, or simply providing a day of fun, obstacle course rentals from Texas Jumps are your ticket to an outstanding event in Mansfield, TX.


1. What types of obstacle courses does Texas Jumps offer?

Texas Jumps provides a wide range of obstacle courses suitable for all ages, including the Radical Run, Toxic Challenge, and Xtreme courses, ensuring fun and challenging experiences for parties, corporate events, and school functions in Mansfield, TX.

2. How much space is needed for an obstacle course rental?

The space required varies by the size of the obstacle course. Texas Jumps recommends a flat, open area with additional space around the setup for safety. Our team will provide specific dimensions during the booking process.

3. Are Texas Jumps' obstacle courses safe for children?

Yes, all our obstacle courses, including inflatable obstacle courses, are designed with safety in mind, featuring soft, impact-absorbing materials and safety nets. We also provide safety guidelines to ensure a fun and secure experience for children.

4. Can obstacle courses be rented for indoor events?

While many of our obstacle courses are designed for outdoor use, we offer several options suitable for large indoor spaces such as gyms or event halls, including inflatable rentals that fit within various settings. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for indoor setups.

5. How do I book an obstacle course rental in Mansfield, TX?

Booking your event rental, including obstacle courses and bounce houses, is easy! Visit our website, select your preferred obstacle course, and fill out the rental form. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Texas Jumps team directly for assistance and to answer any questions you may have.

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