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Bounce House rental company serving the Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth, and surrounding area since 2000.

Located in Mansfield TX and proudly providing Bouncy Houses in Tarrant County and Rock Climbing Walls, Mechanical Bulls, Inflatable slides and Obstacle Courses through out DFW and surrounding areas.

We post lots of pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Click the social media links at the top of the page and check out our equipment at some recent events. We are very proud of our company and will do every thing we can to make your event a great success.

You can only make your reservation online if you live in the area between Burleson, Mansfield, and Cedar Hill and then all the cities north to the, HEB, North Richland Hills area. You may have to be flexible about the delivery and pick up times but we want as much business as we can get.

If you are planning a school carnival, company picnic, church festival or youth event our service area is very large. Give us a call and we will work up an exact quote with sales tax deducted and multiple item rental discounts applied.

If you are in an outlying area from Dallas, Fort Worth, we service your area as well. We have minimums for these areas and those vary at different times of the year. Just give us a call and we can discuss the details of your event and quickly let you know if it is something we can accommodate.

Making your school carnival a fantastic fundraiser.

Texas Jumps has been providing inflatables for festivals for 17 years, and we have learned a thing or two about what makes them go well.

Know who is coming to your event. What is the age group of your attendees? What percentage of each age group will you have at your event? Some of our equipment is great for teens, and some equipment is perfect for preschoolers, but no single piece is perfect for both. Getting the right mix is important. You do not want your teens standing in line while your elementary-age kids can hop right in. You want lines at every unit, but you want them to be short. Maximize your profit.

Price your admission appropriately. Think about what you would be willing to pay if it were not a fundraiser for your school. Your attendees will be wary of paying $5.00 for an inflatable slide that kids can get in and out of in six seconds. If you have big attraction like the Rock Climbing Wall and charge $1.00, you will never make a profit.

The schools and churches that are most successful raising money with a festival run it like a business. They use labeled ticket buckets to keep track of traffic and profit margin. Additionally, they maintain a spreadsheet and track profit margins per activity. This reduces guesswork when they hold the festival again the following year. They know if they need to add or cut back on how much equipment they rent.

The most profitable activities are often homemade games like ring toss, balloon darts, or duck pond. You can find many of these on Pinterest. Enlist parents to help create the games and donate them to the school. Consider allowing classes to create games and as a school-wide project. Keep in mind that the more games and activities you provide, the shorter your lines will be, and that makes for happy festival-goers! Charge a dollar per game and award inexpensive prizes. Oriental Trading Company is a great place to buy cheap prizes, and unlike candy, you can use it next year if you order too much.

It is very important that your event overlaps a meal time. A festival that runs from 10:30am to 2:30pm will garner higher food sales than one that runs from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Otherwise, people will eat their meal at home rather than at your event. It makes sense, then, to make it convenient to purchase their meals from your food vendors -- be sure to run your event around traditional meal times and increase your profit margin.

Advertise often and successfully. You are welcome to use pictures from the Texas Jumps website on posters or flyers. Bounce house rentals will not be the most profitable portion of your festival but it will not be the reason kids get excited about coming. Be sure they know how spectacular our equipment is. Get the students talking about your event with a mention during morning announcements every day leading up to your event.

If you have any questions give us a call and if you have a great idea I could add let me know after all you are the real experts.

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