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All About Texas Jumps

Heather and I met in Arlington in 1996 and married in 1998. We started Texas Jumps in 2000. Both my wife and I were teachers in Mansfield. She is still working in education for Burleson ISD and I do this full time. Our kids attend Mansfield High School and my son is one of my best employees.

It has been a long journey and we have made many mistakes along the way. Purchased equipment that didn't rent well, didn't look good, didn't last very long, rented great but the kids did not like it, or even more catastrophic, the moms did not like it. We had scheduling issues, employee issues, and management issues.

It took a while but we have the Bounce House Rental business figured out. We have done thousands of events. When I typed this up we were on event #5002. Our employees will deliver premium equipment made by the best manufactures in the country. They are mostly college and high school students, and a few guys making extra money on side. We have a real sense of pride in our company and everyone is working hard to make it great. We don't over schedule our deliveries. We build in extra time to set up so we won't be rushing to get your event ready just before it starts or arrive at your start time.

When we do big events such as a church festival, school carnival, or company picnics, we are going to end up sitting around, after we are set up, waiting for your event to start. Punctuality is a very important to us. We know we must be prepared if there is a Cowboys game near you the day of your event and that I35W is impossible when there is a race at Texas Motor Speedway (we go around). I learned a long time ago that the most stressful thing to an event coordinator is when we are running behind. If it is a normal traffic day we will be very early. If there is heavy traffic we will still be on time. If they close the highway because life flight is landing in the middle of the interstate (seen this one before) we will give you a call.

If you want to know more about Texas Jumps
Phone 817-473-4200
Address 2632 Goodnight Trail, Mansfield TX 76063

I am very proud of my company, equipment, and employees. It is my number one priority is to make sure your event is a great success.

Chad Sanders


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